Dr Barbara Pistilli

In 2023 speaker by OncAcadAdminDFML

Barbara Pistilli, MD, is Chair of the Breast Cancer Unit at Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France, since 2021. The clinical activity of the unit includes more than 2000 new patients and 700 inclusions in clinical trials each year.

Since March 2020, Dr Pistilli has been leading a large translational programme focusing on identification of mechanisms of response and resistance to antibody drug conjugates, which include several phase I and II trials based on diverse treatment strategies in patients with metastatic breast and lung cancer, with a large sample collection for exploratory biomarker analysis. The scientific strategy relies on the integration between translational and clinical research groups, where knowledge in biology drives clinical development and patient samples feed translational research.

She also leads academic programmes funded by French Health Minister grants, which are focused on adherence to endocrine therapy and biomarker-driven treatment de-escalation strategies.